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Terms And Conditions of Participation



1.1. Hereby, this contract has been signed between AGORAS Fuarcilik Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. with the commercial title and the address are mentioned below and the firm to be referred hereinafter as the EXHIBITOR with the information in the Table 1 in the face of that contract in accordance with the below mentioned terms and condition in the date mentioned in the Table 3 on the face of that contract.

AGORAS Fuarcilik Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti.

(from hereinafter to be referred as AGORAS)

Fener Mah. Bulent Ecevit Bulvari,

Ruyam Kent Sitesi A Blok, K 2, D 7, 07160 Muratpasa

Antalya, Turkey

Tel : +90 242 323 51 10 Fax: +90 242 323 51 11


2.1. Hereby, the scope of that contract is to determine the mutual rights and liabilities of AGORAS Fuarcilik Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. and the EXHIBITOR for the RENSEF Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition (from hereinafter to be referred to as RENSEF) that is organized by AGORAS Fuarcilik Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. in the place and date mentioned below with the permit of the Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) in accordance with the 5174 numbered law of Turkish Laws.

3. TIME:

3.1. Hereby, this contract is signed in the date mentioned in the Table 3 and comes into force in that day. Hereby, this contract will be in force until all the liabilities of both parties are fulfilled and expire without requiring any notification, declaration or written confirmation after both parties fulfill their liabilities.


4.1. Place and Date of the Exhibition:

4.1.1. RENSEF Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition will be in the Cam Piramit of Sakip Sabanci Exhibition and Congress Center in 4 (four) days starting from Wednesday and ending in Saturday between 22nd -24th October 2015.

4.1.2. AGORAS has a right to change the exhibition venue if it deems appropriate. EXHIBITOR who has a contract for the interior area (in accordance with the conditions specified within Table 2) will be entitled to have a place in the new exhibition venue under the condition of being agreed with AGORAS. EXHIBITOR who has a contract for the outdoor area (in accordance with the conditions specified within Table 2) will be entitled to have a place in the new exhibition venue under the condition of having a new contract and being agreed with AGORAS.

4.2. Visitor Information:

4.2.1. Entrance - Exit Hours: The visitor entrance of the exhibition will begin every morning in 10.00 and end in 19.00. The closure time of 24thOctober 2015 Saturday is determined as 18.00.

4.2.2. Visitor Entrance Fee: The entrance to the exhibition is free for the ones with invitation and sectoral business card. The ones without invitations or is not from the sector can visit against a fee to be determined.

4.3. The Exhibitors Profile the RENSEF Exhibition

4.3.1. Solar Energy

4.3.2. Biyoenergy

4.3.3. Wind Energy

4.3.4. Jeotermal Energy

4.3.5. Energy Efficiency

4.4. Exhibitors

4.4.1. The products that will be in the exhibition and mentioned in the product profile can be exhibited only by the manufacturer firms, distributor firms, implementers and service providers of them.


5.1. In accordance with the articles of that contract, the rental to be paid by the EXHIBITOR in the RENSEF Exhibition organized by AGORAS covers the detailed services below:

5.2. Services within the Section Rental:

5.2.1. Renting empty space

5.2.2. Interior and exterior lighting of the exhibition place

5.2.3. Providing the general security and cleaning services of the exhibition during the visiting hours (security and cleaning of the booth are the EXHIBITOR's responsibility)

5.2.4. Providing 100W of electricity per squaremeter

5.2.5. Construction of the help desk, media pavilion, meeting point and the other sections

5.2.6. Internal announcement system, first aid services in emergency conditions

5.2.7. Announcing, declaring and promoting the exhibition at domestic and international and inviting visitors

5.2.8. Issuing 2 (two) car park cards and 1 (one) exhibitor certificate for each EXHIBITOR

5.2.9. Producing and distributing all kinds of advertising materials related with the exhibition

5.2.10. The general organization of the exhibition

5.3. The smallest rentable section is 12 m2. The smaller section can only be rented when the settlement plan is determined and appropriate places are designated.

5.4. The EXHIBITOR rent the sections as empty spaces. Desiring EXHIBITORS can rent a booth by assessing the booth options of AGORAS. Desiring firms can make special booths manufactured by agreeing with an architecture or a booth firm approved by AGORAS.


6.1. In accordance with the articles of that contract, the FEE to be paid by the EXHIBITOR in the RENSEF Exhibition organized by AGORAS is the total of the Section Rental.

6.2. Costs:

6.2.1. The costs vary according to m2size of the section rented by EXHIBITOR, the indoor or outdoor location of the section and the date of the contract as mentioned in the Table 2.

6.2.2. If, the Exhibitor Firm desires can conclude a single contract that covers the exhibition participation fee with the booth options presented by AGORAS. If it is desired, the booth rental agreement can be concluded separately.

6.3. Participation Fee and Payments:

6.3.1. The exhibition participation fee of the Exhibitor is in Euro as mentioned in the Overall Total Column of the Table 2 on the face of that contract.

6.4. Advance Payment Discount:

6.4.1. The Exhibitor Firm can arrange its contract in advance payment or in installments.

6.4.2. In case of an advance payment, the discounts according to the time to the exhibition will be applied as mention in the Table 3.

6.4.3. In case of payment in installments, the installments will be as in the Payment Plan in the Table 3.

6.5. Payments:

6.5.1. The Payment from the EXHIBITOR to the AGORAS will be made to the Bank Accounts of AGORAS indicated in the Table 3, at the face of the contract, or in the ACCOUNTS Indicated to the EXHIBITORS.

6.5.2. AGORAS can collect the participation fee from the EXHIBITOR through valuable papers such as checks or bonds, through money order, credit card payment or against receipt.


7.1. The invoice of the participation fee is issued by AGORAS including VAT and will be sent to the EXHIBITOR within 1 (one) week after the exhibition.

7.2. The Turkish VAT is not discounted to the international exhibitors. The international exhibitors have to pay the Turkish VAT, according to the Turkish Laws and Regulations as the exhibition service is provided within the Turkish Borders.


8.1. If the EXHIBITOR does not pay any of the installment payments in due or does not pay the full amount, all other payments will become due.

8.2. All other installments become due without requiring any notification or declaration in case any of the payments that are divided into installments, drafts is not paid in time.


9.1. If the participation fee is not paid or paid late, the EXHIBITOR accepts to pay the current bank discount interest rate (minimum monthly %3) in accordance with the 1461/2 numbered article of the Turkish Commercial Code.



10.1.The EXHIBITOR declares that he/she accepts the general participation conditions of the related exhibition or show by filling in and signing the application form prepared by the organizer of the exhibition.

10.2.It is not possible to demand sections without the contract form. In special cases, the organizer has the right not to accept an application, allocate less m2than demanded, change the place of the allocated section and cancel the allocated booth section without any penalty rights.

10.3.The information requested in the contract form should be filled in completely. AGORAS has the right to reject any goods or services that are not mentioned or declared in the contract form without any damage commitments.


11.1.AGORAS reserves its right to reject the application.

11.2. If an EXHIBITOR does not submit the original contract and payment documents to AGORAS and deposit the advance payment in our bank account, AGORAS cannot be considered liable for providing the section determined by that contract to the EXHIBITOR, the EXHIBITOR cannot force AGORAS for fulfilling its liabilities. The sections of the firms that do not submit the original contract signed and sealed, do not pay its advances and submit its payment information are kept in the Senior Option for 15 (fifteen) days. These sections can be sold to another firm after 15 (fifteen) days. The firm that submits its documents or makes its advance payment after 15 (fifteen) days of delay, can be allocated a different section. Allocation of the section for another firm does not constitute an obstacle for the liabilities of that contract. AGORAS has the right to request and collect all or some of the contract value in cash and immediately without any notice.

11.3.The EXHIBITOR accepting to participate in the exhibition by signing the participation conditions document cannot abandon and has to fulfill its liabilities.

11.4.Reserving all rights of AGORAS in the 10.2ndarticle of that contract, the EXHIBITOR signed the contract for participating in the exhibition is taken into consideration after the EXHIBITOR pays %30 of the advance payment mentioned in the payment plan and submits the checks and bonds in accordance with the dates mentioned in that plan.

11.5.The EXHIBITOR that does not fulfill their financial liabilities or violate the participation conditions can be debarred from their rights of participation.

11.6.If the place allocated for the EXHIBITOR is not available because of the reasons beyond control, the EXHIBITOR can request the return of the rental but cannot request any indemnity.


12.1.If the EXHIBITOR firms will exhibit the products of third party firms in their booths with the approval of that third part firms, they have to declare those Sub-EXHIBITORS to AGORAS in written.

12.2.The Sub-EXHIBITORS should have an organic relation with the Main EXHIBITOR in the frame of commercial agreement like a representative, distributorship, dealership or a group of enterprises.

12.3.If a commercial relation cannot be certified, each Sub-EXHIBITOR or the Main EXHIBITOR should pay 1.500 Euros of participation fee for each Sub-EXHIBITOR to AGORAS.

12.4.AGORAS is liable to send information confirming its approval for any Sub-EXHIBITOR of the Main EXHIBITOR to the Main EXHIBITOR.

12.5.AGORAS is liable to publish any Sub-EXHIBITOR declared by the Main EXHIBITOR among the other EXHIBOTORS in its website and give a promotion page in the catalogue.

12.6.Without the written confirmation of AGORAS, the EXHIBITORS cannot allow third parties use the booth section allocated to them completely or partially for a fee or without any charge.

12.7.The promotion and advertisement of the firms that are not mentioned in the information form are not performed.

12.8.The Sub-EXHIBITOR is liable for the same conditions as the Main EXHIBITOR. If a booth is allocated to two or more firms, each firm has to comply with the participation conditions separately and collectively. Both are responsible collectively and separately.

12.9.The Main EXHIBITOR is joint debtor and guarantor to the exhibition participation fee to be paid by the Sub-EXHIBITOR.

12.10. If a Sub-EXHIBITOR participates in the exhibition without the approval of AGORAS, AGORAS gains the right to terminate the contract with the Main EXHIBITOR and vacant the booth at loss of the Main EXHIBITOR. The Main EXHIBITOR cannot demand any indemnities.

12.11. It is possible to approve the sectoral group booths, collective foundation and institution booths and national participations.

12.12. If the Main EXHIBITOR cannot participate, the acceptance of the Sub-EXHIBITORS is cancelled automatically.

12.13. The invoice to be issued against the participation fee for the group participations can only be in the name of the Main EXHIBITOR. It is not possible to bill some part of the participation fee of the Main EXHIBITOR to the Sub-EXHIBITOR.


13.1.In case of force majeure conditions, AGORAS has the right to change the date of the exhibition or cancel it without exposing to any indemnities for the EXHIBITOR. No EXHIBITOR can change or terminate that contract unilaterally.

13.2.If the EXHIBITOR does not participate in the exhibition, although this contract is signed, the EXHIBITOR has to pay the contract value although no advance payment is made.

13.3.If, any inconsistent action of the EXHIBITOR or non-participation of the EXHIBITOR in the exhibition or leaving the exhibition in any day of the exhibition is determined by two employees of AGORAS by circular, in accordance with the 287thArticle of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Turkish Law, this circular constitutes a direct evidence and the EXHIBITOR cannot apply any other evidence except that.

13.4.The EXHIBITOR cannot request any discounts from the participation fee because it did not take part during the full period.

13.5.AGORAS has the right to request a termination indemnity in case of termination requests of the contract holder.

13.6.This indemnity will be requested as below:

13.6.1. %25 of the contract value if the contract is terminated more than 4 (four) months before date of the exhibition

13.6.2. %50 of the contract value if the contract is terminated less than 4 (four) months before date of the exhibition

13.6.3. %75 of the contract value if the contract is terminated less than 3 (four) months before date of the exhibition

13.6.4. %100 of the contract value if the contract is terminated less than 2 (two) months before or date of the exhibition


14.1.Each EXHIBITOR is provided with 10 (ten) free EXHIBITOR cards. A free EXHIBITOR Entrance Card for each 15 m2(provided that totally not over 40 (forty)).

14.2.The free EXHIBITOR entrance cards will be issued only for the EXHIBITORS, the booth staff and representatives of the EXHIBITOR. In case of illegal usage, the cards are taken back and are not given back.

14.3.It is possible that the EXHIBITORS issue VIP cards for their VIP customers by sharing their information.


15.1.In order to announce RENSEF Exhibition especially to the members of the sector and invite the professional sector members visit the exhibition, AGORAS will print particular number of exhibition invitations and will distribute them to the exhibitors.

15.2.Desiring sector professionals can obtain their on-line invitations from the website of the exhibition.

15.3.No entrance fee is collected from the sector professionals visiting the exhibition with their printed or on-line exhibition invitations.

15.4.However, it will be requested from the sector professionals with invitations that they submit their business cards or presentation card and the official identity of their firm. The persons who do not have official firm ID or card with their invitation or the ones whose names are not corresponding to the names on these IDs, cards or invitations will be not accepted in the exhibition; even they pay the entrance fee.

15.5.The ones visiting the exhibition without their printed or on-line invitations, can visit the exhibition by showing their sectoral IDs and official IDs.

15.6.The Exhibitors cannot print any invitations without the approval of AGORAS. If, unapproved invitations are printed, AGORAS does not accept them at the entrance to the exhibition.


16.1.AGORAS is liable with preparing, publishing and distributing the exhibition catalogue. The information such as the firm logo, contact info, Turkish and English brief presentation of the firm and fields of activities and other services and products of the EXHIBITOR can be on that catalogue.

16.2.The EXHIBITORS cannot demand any rights for their missing, lack or omitted information.

16.3.AGORAS declines responsibility for the content of the information and print errors.

16.4.If desired, the EXHIBITOR's can take part in the catalogue with an advertisement page, by paying the fee mentioned in Table 2.


17.1.AGORAS distributes exhibition e-newsletters at home and abroad in Turkish and English in order to make the promotion of the Exhibition effectively.

17.2.The participation of each EXHIBITOR is announced in the List of EXHIBITORS by means of these e-newsletters.

17.3.Desiring EXHIBITORS can promote themselves by giving links of their websites with banners in these Turkish and English e-newsletters.

17.4.The advertising tariff for 1 (one) banner is 100 Euro. The information and introduction contract can be requested from the sales representatives for more than one banner advertisers.

17.5.The cost of a banner that will be in our website for 15 (fifteen) days is 150 Euro. The information and introduction contract can be requested from the sales representatives for banner advertisers that will be in our website for longer periods.


18.1.AGORAS can prepare other publications such as an exhibition papers, brochures, CDs and etc. that will be considered required for promoting the exhibition before and after the organization. AGORAS reserves its right to allow advertisements of the EXHIBITORS published in these publications. If AGORAS allows advertisements of the EXHIBITORS published in these publications, only the EXHIBITOR firms can publish their advertisements in these publications.


19.1.AGORAS has generally insured the exhibition halls. The risks within the scope of that insurance are natural disasters, fires, floods and leakages. But, this insurance does not cover the commodities of the EXHIBITORS.

19.2.The EXHIBITORS are liable for insuring the commodities to be exhibited against all kinds of electricity, rain, natural disaster and distortion and theft risks. AGORAS does not insure the commodities exhibited in the Exhibition.


20.1.The EXHIBITORS will make the internal decoration of the exhibition in accordance with the terms and conditions to be determined by the AGORAS technical office and follow the rules.

20.2.AGORAS does not intervene the internal decoration of the booths of the EXHIBITORS.


21.1.The EXHIBITORS can participate in the exhibition with one of the booth options of AGORAS or a booth design of an architecture office.

21.2.The EXHIBITOR is liable to use the rented booth without any damage. It is forbidden to nail, perforate, dye or apply adhesive on the fiberboard panels and aluminum materials.

21.3.Otherwise, the EXHIBITOR will compensate these damages as well as all kinds of damages in the exhibition area. The EXHIBITOR cannot transport its exhibited commodities unless paying the damage indemnity.


22.1.The EXHIBITORS can participate in the exhibition with a booth that is constructed by an architecture office approved by AGORAS.

22.2.If the EXHIBITORS construct special booths, as soon as the agreement between the EXHIBITOR and the architecture office is concluded, this agreement should be notified to AGORAS. AGORAS will follow the contact info of each architecture office to construct a booth and the EXHIBITORS and inform the architecture office related with the applications.

22.3.In accordance with the 1774 numbered Law of the Turkish Law, it is obligatory that the firms and persons constructing a booth in the exhibition center declare their ID info and related documents (name of the firm/name and surname/citizenship no of the employees and work permit for the foreign employees) to AGORAS before beginning the construction. If this information and documents are not submitted to AGORAS, it will be the EXHIBITOR's responsibility.

22.4.The special booth constructor architecture offices are liable for the Social Security of their personnel. In case of any work accidents, the architecture office is responsible for its personnel while the EXHIBITOR is responsible from its own.

22.5.The EXHIBITOR will make the booth decoration plan approved by AGORAS, at least 1 (one) month before the organization. If there is problem with height, written approval of the adjacent booth in the same parcel is required.

22.6.The booth decoration is performed in order not to cause any visual distortion for the adjacent booths. The standard height is 2,45 m. The maximum height is 6,00 m if approval of the adjacent booths are taken. No special booths can be established without the approval of AGORAS and the adjacent booths. Otherwise, if there is a complaint, AGORAS reserves its right to apply 2.000 Euros of penal sanction to the EXHIBITOR.

22.7.Desiring EXHIBITOR can hang visuals such as flags, pennants and balloons on the walls and roofs of the exhibition halls against the fee mentioned in the Exhibitor Hand Book and in the frame of the determined rules. The EXHIBITORS can hang and use the advertising visuals such as pennants, flags and balloons hung on the towers, pipes and other constructions exceeding the height limit against the fee mentioned in the Exhibitor Hand Book and in the frame of the determined rules.

22.8.The entrance, booth construction and exit programs of the EXHIBITORS are applied as mentioned in the Exhibitor Hand Book.

22.9.The EXHIBITORS or the architecture offices liable with booth construction are liable to finish the booth construction operations before one day of the exhibition until 12.00. The EXHIBITORS performing noisy, dusty and dirty operations after that period are liable to pay 2.000 Euros of delay penalty for each firm booth they cause delayed.

22.10. The EXHIBITORS are liable to finish the preparations of the products to be exhibited and decorations one day before the organization until 21.00pm.

22.11. The EXHIBITORS are liable to vacant the exhibition section and clean their places one day after the organization until 12.00 pm. The booths, materials and garbage of the EXHIBITORS that do not clean their exhibition sections until the mentioned time, are disassembled and thrown by AGORAS team and the cost is billed to the EXHIBITORS by increasing %200. On the other hand, the daily hall rent is shared and billed between the firms requesting longer disassembly period.

22.12. If there is a complaint about the booths, the EXHIBITORS that do not perform any correction or improvement, are liable to pay 2.000 Euro of penalty. Otherwise, AGORAS has the right to disassemble the booths constructed without approval.

22.13. The architecture offices do not follow the booth construction rules of AGORAS will be published in the black list of the architecture offices in the website of the exhibition and they will not be accepted to construct any booths in AGORAS exhibitions for 1 (one) year. This information will be notified to all the EXHIBITORS by e-mail or fax.


23.1.In order to provide a trouble-free and suitable service, the transportation of goods to the booths, temporary or permanent clearing and decoration transactions are coordinated by commissioning the firms to be recommended by AGORAS. AGORAS will not accept any responsibility for the EXHIBITORS working with the firms except the recommended ones. In case AGORAS does not recommend a logistics company then the exhibitor is free to work with any of them.


24.1.The phone and fax connections are not established at the booths during the exhibition. The firms will be able to use the services like phone, fax, internet and photocopy to be provided in the Business Center to be established.

24.2.AGORAS technical personnel are only responsible for showing the main electric, water line and drainage to the booth personnel. AGORAS personnel are not responsible for establishing the connection of the booths.

24.3.The main electric, water and ventilation connections of the booths are performed by the technical staff that is approved by the landlord. Firms cannot provide electric, water or air from other lines.

24.4.The electric, water and air connections established in the booth should be approved by the AGORAS technical staff before the construction is completed. The inappropriate electric, water and air connections are not established.

24.5.For the cases, those are not controlled by AGORAS technical staff and damage the adjacent booths, AGORAS can apply 2.000 Euro of penalty to the EXHIBITOR.

24.6.The electric, water and ventilation installation of the booth are not performed by the AGORAS technical staff.

24.7.All EXHIBITORS have to notify the KW of their electricity usage in the contract or the Electricity Request Form in the "Exhibitor Hand Book” to be sent them. AGORAS provides 100W of electricity per 1m2for each EXHIBITOR. For higher electric demands, cost of each 1 KW is 10 Euro + VAT.

24.8.The EXHIBITOR's responsible for the damage on the installations or the building. The determined damage will be billed to the EXHIBITOR.

24.9.The EXHIBITOR's responsible for any damage deriving from uncontrolled power use. The determined damage will be billed to the EXHIBITOR.


25.1.AGORAS organizes the cleaning of the exhibition.

25.2.The EXHIBITORS are responsible for cleaning their own booths before the exhibition begins. Desiring EXHIBITORS can avail from the services of the contracted cleaning firm recommended by AGORAS.

25.3.Every evening, the EXHIBITORS should leave their garbage in front of their booths.


26.1.In accordance with the 5174 numbered law of the Turkish Law for the provisions and conditions related with organizing exhibitions, AGORAS follow the security related articles of the declaration of The Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

26.2.In accordance with the current legislation, AGORAS is responsible for the general security of the exhibition center and halls during the exhibition hours. No other responsibility is undertaken by AGORAS.

26.3.The security responsibility of the belongings of the EXHIBITORS will be provided by themselves. AGORAS does not accept the responsibility of the exhibited goods and booth equipment's. AGORAS does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damages.

26.4.The responsibility of AGORAS for general security does not cover the property damages and personal injuries.

26.5.Desiring EXHIBITORS can provide security services from the contracted security service provider of AGORAS.

26.6.AGORAS does not accept any responsibility for any kinds of damages that may happen on the vehicles in the parking lot. AGORAS does not have any responsibility for any traffic accidents or thefts by the third persons with the vehicles or valuable materials in these vehicles left by the personnel, officials, or servicing third persons or firms of the EXHIBITOR.

26.7.The employees of the EXHIBITOR that is exposed to any illegal or unfair action in the parking lot or exhibition center for any reason cannot demand any indemnities from AGORAS and AGORAS cannot be held responsible at anyway.

26.8.The EXHIBITOR is liable for warning its employees not leaving any valuable materials in their vehicles. The EXHIBITOR is liable to declare the responsibilities of its employees undertaken by that article. For potential conflicts, the damaged persons cannot claim that they do not know the liabilities undertaken by that article.


27.1.The EXHIBITORS cannot perform any shows such as a loud airplay, dance, folklore, an overture and etc. The EXHIBITORS have to notify AGORAS in written about the shows to be organized and take AGORAS' approval.

27.2.If these conditions are violated, AGORAS has the right to interfere, correct or stop the activity immediately.

27.3.The visual, audible and mobile advertising tools and public shows may be allowed unless the adjacent EXHIBITORS are not disturbed, no complaints are made, the general announcement system in the halls does not become inaudible and provided that the management is informed and written confirmation is taken.

27.4.AGORAS is authorized to cut the power of the firms not following the rules for airplay and shows and violating the rules and close their booths without making any refunds.


28.1.AGORAS has full responsibility of the Exhibition Center from entrance to exit.

28.2.AGORAS reserves its right to give any kinds of directions, change, remove and renew them.

28.3.No pets or animals are accepted in the exhibition area.

28.4.AGORAS has the right to record the booths, activities, plans and products of the EXHIBITORS by photos, cameras or drawings and use them for advertising purposes and press bulletins without any objections from the EXHIBITORS.

28.5.The same conditions are valid for the photos taken by the press with the consent of AGORAS.

28.6.The EXHIBITORS are obliged to present at least one personnel as the booth operator who can provide technical and commercial information about the EXHIBITOR firm during the hours of organization.


29.1.Hereby, the addresses mentioned in the 1starticle of that contract will be accepted as the legal notification addresses of the parties and the notifications sent to these addresses will be accepted valid.

29.2.Address Change: If there is an address change, the parties have to notify their new legal notification addresses by sending a reply-paid letter. Otherwise, the notifications to the old address will be accepted as valid.


30.1.It is important that the conflicts between the parties arising from that contract are resolved amicably. However, for the conflicts that cannot be resolved by that way will be resolved by the Antalya Central Courts and Execution Offices and the parties accept these offices are the sole authorities for that matter.


31.1.All or some part of the exhibition to be organized by AGORAS may become impossible because of a decision to be taken by the official authorities or unexpected legal causes or the causes accepted as force majeure such as wars, mobilization, strikes, riots, rebellions, infectious diseases, quarantines, earthquakes, floods, natural disasters and etc. that prevent commercial activities. If any of the above mentioned conditions occurs before the date of the exhibition, the full organization will be performed by AGORAS with the same booth spaces and for the same period in a future date to be determined by AGORAS.

31.2.If any of above mentioned causes happen during the organization, AGORAS does not accept any financial or legal responsibilities.


32.1.The persons under 16 years old are not accepted in the exhibition even if they are from immediate family.

32.2.The organizer(s) of the exhibition is authorized to keep the EXHIBITOR's / persons out of the exhibition center, close their booths, stop all kinds of services and stop exhibition of their commodities of the EXHIBITOR's / persons that do not follow the general participation conditions of the exhibition, disturb the exhibition atmosphere, make additions to the rented booth section or bring or exhibit unwanted materials without undertaking any indemnity compensations.

32.3.The technical infrastructure services that are not mentioned in that contract and the organization related details will be applied as mentioned in the Exhibitors' Hand Book.

32.4.If the EXHIBITOR violate all kinds of intellectual property rights or copyrights of the third persons participating or not participating in the exhibition due to a title, product, brand or service to be used in any section or time of the exhibition in their allocated section or any place of the exhibition, they will be solely responsible for that.

32.5.The EXHIBITOR accepts, declares and commits that if the EXHIBITOR will perform airplay during the exhibition, it should have the license from Mesam, Musam and similar music and copyright institutions for using these songs or melodies and if the EXHIBITOR performs airplay without any license from Mesam, Musam and/or AGORAS for that airplay, all kinds of penalties and indemnities will be paid solely by the EXHIBITOR and if any penalty or indemnity is paid by AGORAS in the name of the EXHIBITOR, this cost will be refunded to AGORAS without any other notification or declaration.

32.6.All objections of the EXHIBITORS should be made within 1 (one) month following the month of the organization.

32.7.AGORAS reserves its right to organize a sweepstake for the visitors.

32.8.Hereby, the Turkish text and meanings are considered for the conflicts deriving from the translation errors and meaning changes if that contract is translated into English for the foreign EXHIBITORS.

32.9.Evidential Contract; The EXHIBITOR accepts and declares that the ledger and computer records of AGORAS will be valid, binding and definite evidence for the conflicts arising from that contract and in case of a suit, renounces its oath rights related with duly keeping of the ledgers and data of AGORAS Firm. The firm records and commercial ledgers of AGORAS Firm constitute exclusive evidence in accordance with the 287tharticle of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Turkish Law and no other evidences can be replaced.


33.1.Hereby, this contract is consisted of 4 (four) pages. The EXHIBITOR firm accepts to participate in the RENSEF Exhibition organized by AGORAS in accordance with the conditions of that contract and the provisions mentioned in the Exhibitor Hand Book. AGORAS accepts to provide Exhibition service in accordance with the conditions of that contract and the Exhibitor Hand Book. The parties accept all written conditions exactly by signing that contract.

33.2.The legal representative of the Firm to sign that contract is liable to submit the official list of authorized signatures, the Identity Card and the Citizenship Number to AGORAS.

33.3.I accept that the Courts and Execution Offices of Antalya are authorized for resolving all kinds of legal conflicts arising from that contract and the valuable papers submitted to AGORAS.

33.4.The stamp tax of that contract is the Exhibitor's responsibility.

33.5.Hereby, this contract is issued in 2 (two) copies.



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Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural ResourcesMinistry of Food, Agriculture and LivestockMinistry of  Culture and  TurismRepublic of Turkey Small and Medium Enterprises Development OrganizationWest Mediterranean Development AgencyAntalya Metropolitan MunicipalityKepez MunicipalityDosemealti MunicipalityAkdeniz Association of MunicipalitiesAntalya Chamber  of  Commerce and  IndustryIzmir Chamber of CommerceUCTEA The  Chamber Of Electrical EngineerThe  Chamber of  Architects of  Turkey  Antalya  BranchThe Chamber Of Mechanical EngineersUCTEA Chamber Of Agricultural EngineersTurkish Hoteliers FederationHotel and Facilities Technical Managers and  Executives FederationGUNDER International Solar Energy Society - Turkey DepartmentGENSED - Turkish Solar Energy Industry AssociationBiyogazderSera-BirBioenergy AssociationEUROSOLAR Turkey - Turkish Section of  European Association for Renewable EnergyUnlicensed Electricity Generation AssociationTurSEFFAll Renewable Energies AssociationSUSTENA Sustainable Energy Action AssociationThe Turkish Association for Energy EconomicsSustainable Production and Consumption Association


EnergyWorldElektrik Haberenerjiline.comEnerji GazetesiGüneþ HaberKimya Haberlerisolarbaba.comYeni Enerji DergisiAlternatif YayýncýlýkTeknik Sektör Yayýncýlýðý


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