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RENSEF B2B Online Appointments System

Get Your Appointment In Advance from RENSEF 2014 Exhibitors
Get Your Appointment In Advance from RENSEF 2014 Exhibitors
We published B2B Online Appointment System to make you experience a more efficient exhibition process by planning your interview program before the exhibition at the 2nd RENSEF Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition.
What is B2B Online Appointment System?
What is B2B Online Appointment System?
B2B Online Appointment System is an online appointments software runnning on the exhibition website by which you can request appointments from exhibitors. It is a software that gices you the pooportunity to register and to request appointments from the exhibitors, from the buying commitees and other participant groups prior to the exhibition in order to meet them in the exhibition area. Therefore, the system makes you to meet many people as possible in your exhibition days and spend the exhibition time more efficiently.
How Do I Use B2B RENSEF Online Appointment System?
How Do I Use B2B RENSEF Online Appointment System?
How Do I Use B2B RENSEF Online Appointment System? You can request meetings via Online Appointments System. All RENSEF Exhibitors are registered in the system. I'm a Professional Visitor, how can I use? Where can I find information about Exhibitors/Visitors? How can I request appointments/meetings from Exhibitors? Why can't I see phone, E-mail and web information of Exhibitors/Visitors? How can I update my information page which I left incomplete while registering to the system? Where can I see meetings, which I request or are requested from me? Where can I see my approved meetings? Can I print them? How do I know If anyone requests a meeting from me? How can I approve or cancel meetings requested from me? I'm a Professional Visitor, why can't I request meetings from the other Professional Visitors? If I come across a problem that I can't solve, whom should I consult?
Request Your Appointment From The Exhibitors In Advance
Request Your Appointment From The Exhibitors In Advance
We invite all profesional visitors to register to the RENSEF B2B Online Appointment Systems in order to schedule their visiting program to the exhibition. The B2B Online Appointment Systems of RENSEF Renewalbe Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition that will be organized durign 31st October to 3rd November is online.



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Program Exhibitor Meeting Rate
120 122 1.02
Toplam 166 139 0.84
What is B2B Online Appointment System?


In order to use the Rensef Online Exhibitor Manual, you have to login to the system with your account user name and password by filling in the blanks below. In case of any problem, you can contact us with this phone number: +90 242 323 51 10


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